Development Roadmap
EnGarde Secure Linux consists of three "branches", Unstable, Community and Professional:

  • Unstable -- This branch, private to the EnGarde Secure Linux developers, is a "bleeding-edge" version of EnGarde Secure Linux and is where all development is performed.

  • Community -- This branch, also known as EnGarde Secure Community or EnGarde Secure Linux Community Edition, is the freely downloadable version of EnGarde Secure Linux distributed by Guardian Digital, Inc. This distribution is not "officially" supported by Guardian Digital but we support our users via the engarde-users mailing list.

  • Professional -- This branch, also known as EnGarde Secure Professional or EnGarde Secure Linux Professional Edition, is the version of EnGarde Secure Linux sold and officially supported by Guardian Digital, Inc.

Development is performed on the Unstable branch (private to EnGarde Secure Linux developers). When a particular feature is stable it is pushed to the Community branch -- the branch the average EnGarde Secure Linux user uses.

The Community branch is left alone while our users find bugs and request features. When we feel that Community is ready for our Professional customers it is frozen and the Professional features are added. This new version of EnGarde Secure Professional is then tested, documented, and distributed to our Professional customers.

The diagram below summarizes this process.

This page will be updated when development on EnGarde Secure Professional 3.0 begins in 2006.