EnGarde Secure Community News and Updates - Release 3.0.10
Guardian Digital is happy to announce the release of EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.10 (Version 3.0, Release 10). This release includes several bug fixes and feature enhancements to Guardian Digital WebTool and the SELinux policy, several updated packages, and several new features.

EnGarde Secure Community is a secure distribution of Linux engineered from the ground-up to provide organizations with the level of security required to create a corporate Web presence or even conduct e-business on the Web. It can be used as a Web, DNS, e-mail, database, e-commerce, and general Internet server where security is a primary concern.

What's New?
  • Guardian Digital WebTool help system. All of the existing WebTool modules now have help -- just roll your mouse pointer over any help-enabled field for assistance. Special thanks to Ankit Patel and Eric Lubow for all their hard work writing the help text.
  • Guardian Digital WebTool SELinux Control Console. This new WebTool module gives you greater control over the SELinux subsystem of EnGarde Secure Linux. With it you may monitor the audit logs, toggle enforcing mode and booleans, download the policy to your local computer, and trigger a relabel of the filesystems.
  • A new SELinux policy boolean: httpd_script_remote. This boolean was added in response to bug #0000093 and grants PHP and CGI scripts to external websites (such as RSS feeds).
  • Major upgrades of apache (from 2.0.59 to 2.2.3), postfix (2.2.11 to 2.3.3), and snort (2.4.5 to
  • The latest stable versions of MySQL (5.0.27), aide (0.12), asterisk (1.2.13), libapache-mod_mono (1.1.18), mod_perl (2.0.2), postgresql (8.1.5), and zaptel (1.2.10).
SELinux Control Console
Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux), the core of EnGarde's secure environment, now has a user interface, the first of its kind. Using the SELinux Control Console through the WebTool, EnGarde users can monitor security audit logs, toggle enforcing mode, download new policies to the server, and trigger a file system relabeling to update security attributes.

Bug Fixes
#0000051 Deleting Virtual Host does not check for duplicate ...
#0000093 SELinux policy that allows apache to open up tcp sockets
#0000095 phpMyAdmin module request
#0000096 GDSN logic error
#0000098 firewall: ACCEPT/REJECT logic error
#0000099 network/edit_interfaces.cgi formatting error
#0000101 Be more tolerant of corrupt/invalid packages.xml files.
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Download Info
You may download the ISO image for EnGarde Secure Linux 3.0.10 by following the "Download Now" link at the top of this page: