What is the GDSN?
What is the GDSN?
Guardian Digital presents the most proactive approach to managing and securing your corporate network. The Guardian Digital Secure Network (GDSN) is a means to keep your systems updated while at the same time receiving authoritative advice, information, and additional services from the experts. As you focus on building your Internet presence, Guardian Digital focuses on assuring you are protected from cyber vandals and consistently developing system improvements.

After you have downloaded the ISO (either i686, or x86_64), and have performed the quick installation, (typically less than 25 minutes), you will first be directed towards a main configuration page. Here, you will configure you Root password and general set-up, in addition to setting up your GDSN Registration.

Provided at no cost, GDSN registration allows you to retrieve system updates and the latest EnGarde security news bulletins, directly within the WebTool. The registration will take less than a minute, and requires only minimal information. You may fill in other information if you like, but it is by no means required to set up your server.

And remember, EnGarde Secure Linux is completely free and fully open source. There are no restrictions on its use. GDSN registration for updates on the Community edition of EnGarde is also completely free.

Why is the GDSN an integral part of EnGarde Secure Linux?
In recent years, security incidents, blended threats and bot-net attacks have risen considerably. As the number of Internet threats continues to rise, the need for a consistently secure and up-to-date network becomes an absolute necessity. Focused on keeping your system up-to-date and consistently protected from cyber vandals, the Guardian Digital Secure Network is the least expensive way to add dedicated security experts to your staff. The GDSN provides updates, advisories and customized security improvements preventing virtually all security breaches, potentially saving your corporate network thousands of dollars in lost revenue and recovery costs.

Whether you are responsible for securing a large network or just one computer, this vigilant approach to system security and management is the most effective means to protect your online assets and consistently keep your network defenses at their most optimum level.

GDSN Logins and Account Creation
After downloading the EnGarde LiveCD, and booting or installing the system, you will be brought to the initial configuration page. Here, you will be prompted to enter your Activation code in order to get your system up and running.

If you have not previously received an Activation code, it's easy. Simply click on the Create Account button and fill in the form. Once you create your GDSN account, the system will automatically confirm you as activated, and you will be ready to configure your server, set up root passwords, local time and access controls.

There will be no need to verify your email in order to begin, and for your convenience, you will receive an email with your Activation and Log-In information for your own reference.