Configuration and Maintenance with WebTool - No Security Expertise Required

The Guardian Digital WebTool abstracts the difficult process of configuring a secure system while easing system setup and administration. Not only does WebTool offer the ability to monitor security activity in real-time, but administrators can build secure web sites, manage DNS and e-mail quickly from a secure, remote browser.

Managing every aspect of your server, whether it's using 128-bit encryption for IMAP and POP services, or setting up FTP access, the built-in protection and usability makes the initial phase of security installation a snap. And because many services and policies are secure by default, you can rest assured that even at installation your system is stable and protected.

This is contrary to so many server distributions that require time-intensive configuration in order to establish a secure posture. EnGarde takes the hassle out of this problem, by engineering a robust level of default security, while providing WebTool for configuring the maximum security for your needs.

You need security, you want usability: with EnGarde Secure Linux and WebTool, you get both.

(All images are taken from within a web-browser)

WebTool's Main Navigation Interface

Initial WebTool configuration

For information on WebTool, go here.